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Currently living in Mexico City and working at Nativo Digital.

I was born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico in 1986. I studied Graphic Design in the Northeastern University (Universidad del Noreste 'UNE' 2004 - 08) and subsequently in the same university I attended the Masters in Creative Strategies for (2009 - 11).

For me, creativity plays a dual role: first, that of being a fun instrument, devoid of rules, completely open to experimentation, which invites to be approached with a childish curiosity and carefree, on the other hand, thanks to my studies as a graphic designer, I find creativity in an efficient vehicle to tell fragments of stories, communicate messages and provoke.

Sui generis is a term I think describes me generally and would like to add in the manifest, as it is difficult to include myself in a general or covering plural, defining this as always looking authenticity, because I feel dissatisfied with the standards. I'm a restless person, I like to experiment, try new things, the trial and error, knowing what's done to ask me how to do something different, play with and break things, chaos is something that drives me to create, destroy things I have to create new ones is part of my creative process for all new images, shocking, disturbing and leaving "something" in the viewers, an impression, a thought that remains, of my goals is that, leaving the spectator with an idea, good or bad, is not as crucial as getting the images endure as a memorial.

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