According to the Catholic faith, a wel known "náhuatl" story called "Nican Mopohua" (translated as 'Here it's narrated') about the Marianas apparitions on the Tepeyac's hill, to the north of the actual Mexico City. After four apparitions, La Virgen de Guadalupe (LVG) told Juan Diego (JD) that he must introduce himself to the first Bishop of Mexico. JD took in his "ayate" some roses (that aren't natives to Mexico's barren territories) and when he dropped them in front of the bishop, the image of LVG appeared in front of him with indigenous features. I've worked a lot in this font that appears to came out of nowhere, just like the image of LVG itself, the fact is that I started sketching some flowers, because I wanted to do something related to this mexican story, so, taking some features from this flowers I sketch some letters, for example "r" and "i" and the counter forms for some letters like "a" and "o" (that I didn't use by the way) and the punctuation marks, all inspired by this leaf forms.
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