Oh! Antoniet is an online store (cool hunter) who specializes in finding the best, "good" and original products made by Mexican hands. The things that made any one curiosity sparks and get interested are ranging from art toys, household goodies to books, jewelry and even artwork as pictures, paintings and illustrations. In other words, the store is a curator that brings their customers the best ideas in design, art and culture, by Mexican talent.

           From another point of view, their work begins to be facilitators of knowledge about cultural and design products that can be useful in our lives, put together the products to spare us look at different sources, in an innovative way that exceeds expectations.

           The store needed a complete image redesign, starting by the logo, I wanted to give an "aspirational look" but bewaring not to exclude those who exposed to it. It should be easily recognizable to have almost immediate memory stay on the market and reflect creativity, elegance and modernity, but also speaks "I dare different", in short words: somekind a Nick Wooster.                        
           Institutional Colors:

                       The shop has a blog that talks about issues related to the products, their designers, events, and more. It must have a logo too, the blog is named "La tête d'Antoniet" which translates as: "The head of Antoniet", the idea is simple, clear and direct.


Before the page, I began the design of a iconographic system which could classify the products that are handled, one for each category.


The web page should be easily understood in navigation and making clear the line of business of the store and obviously well permeated by the premises with which I began working from the logo. For this I chose a retro style that was elegant giving "a delight to the eye" or "something worth seeing" simply called "eye candy."


To complete the image, graphic styles may be usable in most applications. Since the communication is varied, I made different communication lines for not to stagnate in the monotony.                                                              

The stationery of the store reflects the image and personality of the whole project, from envelopes to labels, this would help the client have a unique shopping experience that is above any other direct competitor.